As one of New Zealands premier plastic moulding companies, Active Plastics can take your idea and turn it into a reality. We combine expert knowledge in plastic polymers, specialist injection moulding and component design we use the latest design practices to produce the best plastic products for your needs.

Everything from component design to plastic injection moulding is managed in house, this saves our clients any hassle dealing with multiple companies for your project.  

At Active Plastics we ensure that you are getting exactly what you ask for. We listen to what it is that you need in your plastic design and will mentor and advise you on designing a product that is bulletproof.

“ Our dedicated team aims to WOW people by pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation” - Bart Engelsman, Director of Active Plastics.

Come and see us to discuss your next plastic design project and find out what we can do for you. Our clients are always amazed at the versatility of plastic whether it be in the industrial, domestic, transport, marine or the multitude of other areas where engineering plastic can have an innovative application. Plastic is so versatile and the possibilities are endless. 


“I have been working with Bart for almost 10 years now on a number of different products, and I have always found him to be most helpful and very knowledgeable. He has a professional and methodical approach to management of my projects, and is thorough with attention to detail. He listens to what I want to achieve, and always tries to find the cheapest solution without compromising quality. He is very experienced in tool making and will help design the product so that he can build reliable tools for it. He is also good at specifying the correct material for each component for optimum performance and reliability. Bart has a great team around him to make sure products are delivered on time and in specification. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bart and his people for both toolmaking and production."

Roly Rogers, Head of Research & Development, Smart Parking Technology Ltd

"In early 2015, Electrix engaged Active Plastics to assist with developing and testing a specialised piece of tooling to use in the high voltage (HV) transmission line construction industry. The injection moulded, nylon catenary roller block is a critical piece of equipment used to protect sensitive infrastructure when replacing cables on HV transmission lines.

After the prototype testing was completed, Active Plastics were able to complete, with very tight deadlines, the manufacturing of moulds and final production of 300 completed catenary roller blocks for Electrix to use in critical trials on the New Zealand National Electricity Grid in March 2016.

The catenary roller blocks have passed all in service tests and are now an accepted piece of equipment in the New Zealand transmission industry."

Phil Patrick | Capital Works Manager | Electrix