Long Time Board Member of WECA

Active Plastics director Bart Engelsman has been a long time board member of WECA (Waikato Engineering Careers Association). 

"A wise choice; engineering in its many forms offers variety, the chance to progress your career and may provide an opportunity to own your own business.

More than 12 percent of all employment in the Waikato is in the manufacturing sector. WECA (Waikato Engineering Careers Association) member companies cover a wide range of engineering practices and are committed to proactively develop the next generation of engineers."

"WECA is a great place for me to meet the next generation of engineers and pass on my years of knowledge to give them a leg-up at the beginning of their careers." - Bart Engelsman, Director of Active Plastics. 

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In early 2015, Electrix engaged Active Plastics to assist with developing and testing a specialised piece of tooling to use in the high voltage (HV) transmission line construction industry. The injection moulded, nylon catenary roller block is a critical piece of equipment used to protect sensitive infrastructure when replacing cables on HV transmission lines.

After the prototype testing was completed, Active Plastics were able to complete, with very tight deadlines, the manufacturing of moulds and final production of 300 completed catenary roller blocks for Electrix to use in critical trials on the New Zealand National Electricity Grid in March 2016.

The catenary roller blocks have passed all in service tests and are now an accepted piece of equipment in the New Zealand transmission industry."

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Stuff.co.nz Article

Hamilton engineer has learned to love high NZ dollar

His bright blue eyes sparkle as he enthuses about the opportunities for New Zealand entrepreneurs, and laughter frequently punctuates his conversation. Engelsman heads Active Plastics, a Hamilton business the engineer began in 2002.

Eleven years on, the company employs 14 people, and turns over $2.8 million a year. Products ranging from rubbish bin lids to car park sensors are turned out at his Te Rapa factory, and the key, says Engelsman, is to do it better than anyone else.

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