Our plastic injection moulding services help you to produce custom plastic products and supply them to companies in New Zealand and overseas

At Active Plastics our services allow you to produce plastic products made to spec. Whether the product you want to produce is a one-off or small-scale project or if you need mass production, we have the facilities in our Hamilton New Zealand headquarters to meet your demands.

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·         High tech plastic moulding machinery

·         Full and strict quality control processes

·         Injection moulding programs to suit your budget

·         We can package and brand your product

·         We can also deliver your product directly to your customers

Why Choose Plastic Injection Moulding?

When you use our plastic injection moulding services, you can save costs thanks to the efficiency of injection moulding. All parts manufactured will need very little, or no, additional work after production depending on the product you choose to design.

All designs come with a smooth finish as soon as they come out of the mould giving you a fast production line for your plastic products. This also reduces production time and lowers the cost of manufacturing your product helping your business increase its bottom line.  

Essentially, the parts come as a finished product at the end of the plastic moulding production line.

In addition to this, all our plastic moulding techniques are environmentally friendly.

More reasons to choose plastic injection moulding:

Highly Accurate – the method is so precise that we are able to produce almost any type of plastic parts you need

Fast Production – once our tools have been configured to customise your plastic parts, the production process is extremely fast, which is why plastic moulding is so popular

Low-Cost Production – We are able to reduce operational costs thanks to fast production times. This in turn lowers the cost for your business to produce plastic products with Active Plastics

Low Environmental Impact – We can reduce waster because we only need to use as much plastic that is needed thanks to the high accuracy of plastic injection moulding. We also recycle any waste.

Flexible – If you need to change the plastic type being used, the processes used with injection moulding make it easy to change material

Domestic Shipping and International Exporting of Finished Plastic Products

We export client orders across the country and internationally and have been during our many years in operation.

Our team includes a shipping department that is able to arrange for your products to be shipped to the location of your choice. If your plastic moulded products need to be delivered in New Zealand or to a port in order to be shipped abroad, then we can help. Not only do we include branding with our plastic moulding process, we also include packaging that can also be branded with your company logo.

This is why Active Plastics is one of the best plastic moulding companies Hamilton has to offer. We take care of all the phases involved with plastic moulding.

1.       Bring us or let us help you with your plastic mould design

2.       We will produce your plastic products according to your order

3.       You may include branding your product during the plastic mould process

4.       Stringent quality control checks before packaging

5.       Sit back while we package all your products in clear or branded packaging

6.       Let us take care of all logistics so your plastic products arrives to its intended destination